Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 43: Review

Weather this week was pretty unpredictable and most of the dodgy days ended up aligning with my cycling schedule. Unfortunately, that ended up meaning that I didn't manage to get out on the bike at all this week. Combined with the light mileage the week before because of mechanical issues, that meant a bit of slipping on that front. With that said, around these parts outdoor cycling is difficult at this time of year as the weather isn't exactly ideal.

I imagine that I'm going to have to think about moving over to the trainer soon the way things are going. Last year we were spoiled by a mild winter and I was able to continue my outdoor riding well into December, but unfortunately the meteorologists are calling for a bad winter this time around so I doubt I'm going to be that lucky. Either way, as riding outside is a lot more enjoyable than staring at a wall on the trainer I'll try to tough it out as long as possible. Unfortunately, once the snow comes and they start laying salt down there is often little choice (sharp shards of salt do a number on high pressure road tires).

Fortunately, however, the weather wasn't really bad enough to cause much in the way of troubles for running and swimming so I managed to get all of those miles in. As mentioned last week, I was a bit under the weather early in the week, but fortunately that faded pretty quickly and didn't really get in the way. I pulled back my paces a bit to be safe, but that was more to err on the side of caution and likely wasn't necessary.

For a change I managed to actually get my long run in on Sunday without having to push it back to Monday. Given the lost mileage from last week's long run, I decided to take it easy and restrict myself to 14 miles this time around. That ended up being a good call, as about two miles in it started snowing and got pretty bad by the 5 mile point. When I headed out, it was still sunny so I dressed with the assumption that it was going to stay that way. Unfortunately, the cold and wet snow got to my gloveless hands and I ended up popping into the local Running Room store to regain feeling in them. Fortunately, after chatting a bit with some other runners the snow died down and I headed back out to finish the run. It was still cold and I had to cram my hands in my pockets every time I stopped, but I did manage to soldier my way through :P

Either way, it's definitely time to drag out the box of winter implements and find my running gloves. Generally speaking, I tend to like the cold more than most (the rest of my body was fine in the shorts and T-Shirt) but my hands have always been much more sensitive to it than the rest of my body. I look like an idiot running around with shorts and a T-shirt while wearing gloves, but that's generally what works for me this time of year :P

Week 43 Totals:
Running: 49.2km (30.6mi)
Walking: 0.8km (0.5mi)
Cycling: 0.0km (0.0mi)
Swimming: 7.8km (4.8mi)
Total: 57.8km (35.9mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 1874.9km (1165.0mi)
Walking: 81.9km (50.9mi)
Cycling: 4161.0km (2585.5mi)
Swimming: 281.1km (174.7mi)
Total: 6398.9km (3976.1mi)

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