Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 42: Review

Last week was a bit rocky thanks to some mechanical problems with the bike messing up my schedule. Naturally, as I did last week's long run on Monday that meant the first ride was a no go. On Wednesday, I headed out for a windy ride and was doing great until I got to King Rd. They've been doing some construction there for a while, but that day they had realigned the lanes thanks to finishing up with a portion over the bridge.

Unfortunately, there was a segment of the road that was ground down and at the end of it there was a 1.5 inch ridge transitioning back to normal asphalt. Normally I'd slow down and take it carefully, but the lane snaked around and I didn't get a whole lot of warning. With cars riding my tail, I didn't want to brake hard and ended up hitting it relatively hard. I headed around the corner and pulled over to inspect everything, but it seemed that all was fine. Both tires were still firm and there were no marks on either. Unfortunately, once I started back up I got about 600m before the front tire flatted on me. As such, I ended up calling it short at that point and only getting 16.2 of the scheduled 30K in.

The bike has needed a couple of other things looked at for a while (rear wheel needed trueing and the front brake pads were getting pretty worn), so I took the opportunity to bring it into the shop the next morning. I stopped by the next day to pick it up, and everything looked good so I headed out on Saturday morning for a 50K ride to catch up. Unfortunately, I got about 7K before the front tire flatted again. I took off the wheel and went over it with a fine-toothed comb and didn't see anything wrong with the tire, but two flats in that period of time made it pretty obvious something was wrong with it.

As such, I headed back down to the shop and had them take a look at it. After a close inspection, they noted that while there were no cuts or debris in it, there was very little tread left and that was the likely cause of the problem. It made sense as that was the original tire that came with the bike and has a little over 11,000km on it so I had them put a fresh tire on and headed back home. Unfortunately, at that point the day it was too late to head out so my cycling mileage for the week was a pitful 23.5K :(

Running-wise, things went reasonably well until the long run on Monday. The plan was to do 16 miles, but my schedule was pretty hectic so fitting it in was difficult. I pushed lunch up a bit earlier to make room, but unfortunately I only ended up having two hours between eating and heading out for the run. That ended up biting me in the arse, however, as once I got going I started having stomach cramps and had to take frequent breaks to recover. Unfortunately, that meant that I took longer than anticipated and I had to cut it short at just under 13 miles to get back in time for other commitments.

Fortunately, swimming went pretty much perfectly this week so at least it wasn't a total loss ;) Either way, as the season is pretty much over anyway it's not really a big deal to lose a bit of mileage like this. Just hate losing it for such trivial problems :P

Week 42 Totals:
Running: 47.8km (29.7mi)
Walking: 0.6km (0.4mi)
Cycling: 23.5km (14.6mi)
Swimming: 8.6km (5.3mi)
Total: 80.5km (50.0mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 1825.7km (1134.4mi)
Walking: 81.1km (50.4mi)
Cycling: 4161.0km (2585.5mi)
Swimming: 273.3km (169.8mi)
Total: 6341.1km (3940.2mi)

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