Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 54: Review

It's been another crazy week, so I'm just getting around to writing up last week's review at this juncture ;) Between catching up with work stuff after Christmas and New Years mixed into the equation, things were pretty busy for the final training week of the year (plus a few days in 2010). I ended up getting most of my running mileage in, although swimming suffered a bit due to pool schedules and cycling due to the time constraints. As such, it wasn't a banner week - but I'm not yet in formal training so that's not really a huge thing ;)

Week 54 Totals:
Running: 55.2km (34.3mi)
Walking: 1.7km (1.1mi)
Cycling: 30.1km (18.7mi)
Swimming: 5.0km (3.1mi)
Total: 92.0km (57.2mi)

As noted, this week (ie Week 1) has turned out to be pretty busy as well so cycling is still a bit behind at this point. I also had to move today's planned speedwork session back to tomorrow morning, but other than that all of the running/swimming mileage I was planning on doing is up to date.

I'm looking at moving some equipment around this weekend so that I can stream video from my computer when on the bike, which should help to make it more interesting. Right now I've just got an old TV set with some bunny ears and as there isn't anything watchable on TV during the day, it's not difficult to convince myself to skip a session. Being able to watch stuff that I've recorded from prime time should make it easier to get motivated.

With that said, as this is my last week before starting Pfitzinger's 18 week program for the Mississauga Marathon I might end up making the long run a bit shorter to rest the legs a bit. The first week of the program goes down to 12 miles, so the 16 milers that I've been doing aren't really necessary at this point. I still need to figure out a plan for base building in the other two sports, however that's going to require a bit more research.

Tentative Schedule:
Mon 11mi LSD*
Tue 4.3K Swim, 6mi Recovery
Wed 7K Recovery
Thurs 4.3K Swim
Fri 7mi GA w/10x100m, 40K Ride
Sat 4mi Recovery, 30k Ride
Sun 16mi (25.7K) LSD
* Counted toward week 54's total as it was simply postponed from Sunday.

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