Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 52: Review

With the bike now inside, I'm a lot less sensitive to the weather conditions outside. Adverse conditions are annoying on the run, but they can largely be worked around one way or the other. It may require a different route or a slightly lower pace, but it takes some pretty brutal weather for me to consider missing a session ;)

The downside to this configuration, however, is that it's a lot harder to get in a long ride on the bike when sitting in one place. While the trainer is great for getting nice consistent workouts, and it has the side benefit of being able to give me power numbers, it's psychologically very draining. I managed to work my way up to some longer rides last year, and I'm sure I'll do the same this time around - it's just a matter of getting used to it once again.

Adding to the complexity is that this time of year is very busy, which often causes things to have to be moved around. Rescheduling sessions isn't a huge thing, but when I'm also not looking forward to them it's easy to keep putting them off ;) That happened this week, as I was only able to squeeze in two rides - a 30K on Wednesday and a 20K on Saturday. My running and swimming largely went as planned, but between other commitments the cycling has suffered a bit this week.

Naturally, not all of the paths have been cleared by the city as of yet and I've had to re-route a few of my runs this week. That meant that some of them ended up coming a bit short, as I got near home sooner than expected and didn't really feel like running laps around the block to make up the difference. As such, both my Tuesday and Thursday sessions ended up being only six miles rather than the scheduled seven.

Other than that, things largely went as planned. The weather, while cold, was reasonably predictable and there wasn't any significant precipitation. We did have a few warmer days, and that has done a good job of clearing up a lot of the ice that was an issue last week.

Fortunately, I got a bit of extra inspiration this week as the Olympic torch passed through town. While I'm close to the city, this is a tiny village so it's pretty significant when something like that comes through. As such, the family got together and headed down to the main crossing so that we could grab some pictures. A lot of people came from out of town, and everybody pretty much clustered around one intersection so it was pretty crowded while we waited. Once the torch came through, however, the crowd broke up a bit as people began to follow. Thankfully, when they switched over to a run most of the remaining crowd gave up and things thinned out a lot ;) Didn't get too many great shots as it was difficult to get a good position in town, but was quite a nice experience nonetheless.

Week 52 Totals:
Running: 55.7km (34.6mi)
Walking: 2.6km (1.6mi)
Cycling: 50.0km (31.1mi)
Swimming: 8.4km (5.2mi)
Total: 116.7km (72.5mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 2,606.5km (1,619.6mi)
Walking: 229.6km (142.7mi)
Cycling: 4,028.5km (2,503.2mi)
Swimming: 166.5km (103.5mi)
Total: 7,031.1km (4,368.9mi)

As the pool will be closed on Thursday, I've had to modify my schedule to work around that. As such, I did the first swim today and will do the second on Wednesday. That should leave enough time for recovery between sessions, and allow me to get both in without having to move things around too much. Naturally, this week is going to be pretty busy so it may need further modifications, but if all goes well this is what I hope to pull off ;)

Tentative Schedule:
Mon 2.5mi Swim
Tue 30K Ride, 7mi Recovery
Wed 2.5mi Swim, 6mi Recovery
Thurs 7mi GA w/10x100m
Fri 30K Ride
Sat 4mi Recovery, 30k Ride
Sun 16mi (25.7K) LSD, 10K Ride

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