Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Run of 2009

Just got back from my final run of the year, and while I'll likely post a detailed yearly review sometime tomorrow I wanted to quickly get my totals up now. I slacked a bit on my cycling over the last few weeks, which would have easily put me over 4500mi if I had remained faithful to my schedule. But either way, I'll leave the analysis to a later post when I have a little more time to look over all of the numbers ;)

2009 Totals:
Running: 2,694.5km (1,674.3mi) - 230h02m (5:07/km avg.)
Walking: 237.0km (147.3mi)
Cycling: 4,058.6km (2,521.9mi) - 134h13m (30.2km/h avg.)
Swimming: 180.7km (112.3mi)
Total: 7,170.8km (4,455.7mi)

Either way, happy new year to all of those reading!

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  1. Great job on 2009 -- here's to hoping you have a fantastic 2010! :)