Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 47: Review

Weather this week was spectacular and made getting out to do my exercise sessions a pleasure. It's not common that we get weather this nice in mid-November, but when it is around one has to take full advantage of it! Temperatures in the low to mid teens are pretty much perfect, as it's warm enough that you don't need restrictive winter clothing but cool enough that you don't come home drenched in sweat ;)

I did have some scheduling issues which made me miss my Wednesday cycling session, but other than that everything pretty much went to plan. As in previous weeks, the Tuesday and Thursday sessions had to be shortened to 7 miles due to timing issues. Since the pool session ends at 1:00, by the time I get home and make lunch it's generally 2:00 already and leaving enough time between eating and running means that I can't get out the door until 5:00 at the earliest. That unfortunately pins me up against fitting dinner in at an appropriate time, and making enough room to get 8 miles in, cool down and stretch doesn't appear to be practical.

The one possible workaround is to head out in the morning, but as I have the tri swimming clinic Monday night and the group run Wednesday night that doesn't leave a lot of time for recovery. Either way, I managed to squeeze in nearly 40 miles this week so that's not a huge deal. As I'm in the base training period right now, the 7 mile runs are likely more than sufficient. It's not worth the risk of injuring myself by leaving insufficient recovery time for a measly 2 miles.

As with last week, I did a 75K ride on the weekend rather than the 100K one that I was hoping to squeeze in. I was unfortunately pretty busy in the morning, and while I got out earlier than last week I didn't want a repeat of my race against the sun so I didn't push my luck and get out too far. If we get another beautiful day this weekend, however, I'm hoping to head out first thing in the morning to try and get a bit of a longer ride in. It's not looking too likely right now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Week 47 Totals:
Running: 63.8km (39.6mi)
Walking: 2.5km (1.6mi)
Cycling: 111.9km (69.5mi)
Swimming: 9.9km (6.2mi)
Total: 188.1km (116.9mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 2,306.2km (1,433.0mi)
Walking: 216.2km (134.3mi)
Cycling: 3,718.8km (2,310.8mi)
Swimming: 119.7km (74.4mi)
Total: 6,360.9km (3,952.5mi)

As noted above, I'm shortening down the Tuesday and Thursday sessions to 7 miles this week as the 8 milers just aren't practical at this juncture. Other than that, following basically the same schedule as I've been following over the last few weeks.

We're getting to the point where the bike is going to have to be moved onto the fluid trainer for the winter, but I'm resisting that for as long as I can ;) I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in at least one more long ride before I need to make that particular compromise. Fortunately, mother nature has been agreeable for the time being so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Tentative Schedule:
Mon 16mi LSD*, Tri Swim Clinic
Tue 2.5mi Swim, 7mi Recovery w/10x100m
Wed 30K Ride, 6mi Recovery
Thurs 2.5mi Swim, 7mi Recovery
Fri 50K Ride
Sat 4mi Recovery, 100k Ride
Sun 16mi (25.7K) LSD
* Counted towards this week's mileage, as it was simply postponed from yesterday.

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