Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hard to believe it's nearing the end of November...

This time last year my training records show that it was -4.5C and snowing, I'd had my bike inside on the trainer for two weeks (and likely should have brought it in earlier) and I was running with full winter clothing on. This year, it's +10C without any sign of snow and I've yet to do a run or ride with anything thicker than a short sleeve shirt and shorts this season. The last few weeks have been about as close to perfect weather as one can get; cool enough to keep down the sweat, but warm enough not to need bundling up.

Yesterday, I managed to squeeze in the third 75K ride in as many weeks and the only reason I've stuck to that distance is that the sun goes down so early ;) I did the 4 mile recovery run that I missed yesterday this morning, and even squeezed in a short 10K ride with my father (trying to help him get into shape) after lunch. Tomorrow I'll be doing another 16 mile run, and it's looking like the weather should be near ideal for that as well.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it's looking like the temperatures are going to start dropping to seasonal levels next weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be warm enough to eek in another long ride, however in all likelyhood I'm going to have to start considering bringing the bike in to get it set up for the indoor trainer. Fortunately, if the temperatures they're predicting are accurate (~3C) I'll still be able to comfortably run with shorts - but that's likely not to last much longer either. Still no sign of snow, however that's likely on the horizon as well and when it does come that will be the absolute death kneel for any hope of riding outside :(

Either way, one has to be thankful for getting this far into the season without having to make those sacrifices yet. I'm a little upset that I havn't been able to fully take advantage of this weather by getting in a 100K+ ride in on one of the last few weekends, but between other commitments and the early sundown it hasn't been in the cards. Nonetheless, the 75K rides have been quite enjoyable and beat the crap out of trying to do the same inside ;)

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