Saturday, August 22, 2009


While the ankle has improved, I'm still limping around a little so I haven't tried to get back on the horse as of yet. I did do a swim without any issues last week, but in order to ensure that I don't set things back any further I've avoided running and cycling. It's leaving me a bit stir crazy at this point, especially with many of my fellow runners doing various races this week (especially the Midsummer Night's Run).

I am a bit concerned about my training at this point, as I'm down five days at this point and will likely lose at least a week out of this. Getting back up to speed for Guelph shouldn't be a huge problem, however losing this much time in my marathon program is potentially a big issue for hitting my target. My biggest problem in the last cycle was injuries forcing me to miss several of my 20 milers, and I'm already down one due to heat and may lose the second one next Sunday if this persists much longer. Either way, there isn't a whole lot that I can do about it at this juncture, so I guess that I might as well just roll with what happens ;)

Either way, I've elected to make the trip up to Orillia tomorrow anyway in order to get a chance to watch one of these races and hopefully pick up a few pointers. The transitions are likely going to be the biggest issue I face in these races, so seeing what other people do (and what mistakes tie people up) has the potential to be quite instructive. It's a bit of a long ride to just go and watch, but at this point I think it's worth it. The only question left is whether I want to get up really early to watch all of the distances (the Sprint Tri starts at 8am), or just head up for the Try-a-Tri (11am) ;)

With all of that said, good luck to everyone running races this weekend! The temperatures look pretty good, although I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that the rain stays away :)

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