Thursday, April 2, 2009

Around the Bay: Elevation

As mentioned in previous posts, my elevation data from the Around the Bay race was pretty noisy due to rain intruding into the altimeter port. My previous posts on this topic have attracted a lot of traffic, so I was a little disappointed in not being able to provide better information after the race. Thankfully, another blogger (Arcane) gave me a shout and supplied me with his altitude recordings so that I could properly close off this topic.

The following is a clean and accurate recording of the elevation of the Around the Bay 30K course (click on the image for more detail). The only downside is that the footpod wasn't used, so the x-axis is plotted against time rather than distance (so grade calculations are impossible). Fortunately, he manually added kilometer markers and his pace was pretty consistent so it still provides a much better idea of the overall elevation of this course than my previous posts.

The other plots incorrectly showed additional hills in the 26-28km range of the race that weren't there, and fortunately this one doesn't have this issue. That segment of the route consists of a road cut into the edge of a hill, and then crosses a large bridge, so the extrapolated plots were likely following the contour of the underlying terrain rather than the man-made roads. There were a few other inconsistancies through the route (eg 21-22km), however this data reflects my memory of the course a lot better than the others.

Either way, a big thanks goes out to Arcane for generously supplying the necessary data so that I could finish off this topic on a proper note!

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