Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As I mentioned in my report, I felt pretty good following the race but things started to get sore over the following hours. Yesterday was pretty bad as well, as I was still limping around a bit (especially when descending stairs) and the pain in my left ITB was back (although not nearly as bad). As such, I've been resting the legs and doing some light stretching to help alleviate those pains and it started getting much better yesterday evening. The ITB pain, fortunately, disappeared completely in the afternoon but I'll still have to be careful with it.

This morning, everything was feeling much better. The joints are now fine, and the only pain left is in the muscles themselves. I'm certainly feeling muscles that I didn't know that I had before, but it's moving around and is much easier to deal with. The limping is pretty much gone at this juncture, although stairs are still challenging ;) I'm planning on doing a relatively easy session on the bike this afternoon to speed the recovery process by pumping a bit of blood through the tissues as that worked well for my after my half. If that works out well I hope to go out with the running group on Wednesday (although naturally for a shorter distance than normal).

I've got another 5K race (Harry's Spring Run-Off) on Saturday, and with the Marathon less than six weeks away I need to do what I can to usher the recovery process along. While I was a little worried yesterday about my capacity to get back up and running in time, I'm feeling a lot more confident of it at this point. I'm certainly not going to be breaking any personal bests on Saturday, but it's good to work a few casual races into the mix every once and a while to just enjoy the experience. The Harry's 5K is run through a nice and scenic course, so it should be a good experience as long as the weather holds out ;)

On another note, looking over my race telemetry today I noticed that I managed to cross the half-marathon (21.1km) mark of the Around the Bay course in 1h39m57s. I made sure to get to that point before stopping to retie my shoelace the first time, but didn't get around to looking at the time until now. Getting my half marathon time below 1:40 was the goal for Scotiabank last year, and while I missed it by 1m46s at that point, it's satisfying to know that I was able to hit it this time around (especially since I had to run another 8.9km after that point) ;)

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