Sunday, January 4, 2009

21.1K LSD

As noted in my post yesterday, I'm moving to a Monday-Sunday week from this point on so today's run isn't going to fit into the normal weekly reports. As such, I'm making a separate post for this session in order to keep a proper record of it.

The weather today was a bit cold, but there was little to no wind and no precipitation so with the appropriate clothing it was actually quite nice. The only caveat was that large portions of the route still had a good deal of snow on the ground, and there were a few icy patches that I had to work around. As such, my pace was a good deal slower than I normally do these runs, although it's probably closer to the pace that I should be doing them at.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. Overall results are as follows:
Total Distance: 21.1km
Total Time: 1:46:15
Average Pace: 5:02/km
Average Heart Rate: 153bpm (63% HRR)

Full Telemetry:

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