Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 35: One Month to Go...

Just one more month to go before my half marathon. Things are going quite well, and other than a few scheduling hiccups causing me to miss a bit of walking mileage things are sticking with the plan. Other than that, however, things are looking pretty good and I'm looking forward to the race at this juncture.

The weather this week was a bit unpredictable and made scheduling the workout sessions a little tricky, but in the end everything worked out. Friday was likely the biggest issue, as they were calling for rain and I was a little concerned that I'd not be able to fit in my cycling session on that day. Fortunately, when the time came around the weather looked pretty good so I headed out with the intention of falling back if things changed. This meant that I went out pretty hard in order to get in as much as possible before that happened. As the rain didn't materialize, however, I was able to get the entire session in. My legs were pretty tired by the end of the ride, but it was definitely good to push the limits a bit.

Weekly Totals:

Running: 43km
Walking: 56km
Cycling: 140km
Total: 239km

This week the Thursday session will be switching from hill repeats to speedwork, which I haven't done as of yet so it will certainly be interesting. The Fartlek sessions have gone well over the last four weeks, so the more structured sessions will hopefully turn out similarly. With that said, running four laps at a 4:10min/km pace is not going to be easy any way that I look at it ;)

Other than that, I'll be jumping back up to doing an 18K LSD run tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather forecast is indicating that it's going to be pretty hot, so that will make it a lot more difficult than the 18Ks I did a few weeks back. Either way, it will be a good test to see how I hold out under difficult circumstances.

Upcoming Week:
Sun (AM/PM) 18K LSD/11.5K Walk
Mon (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/60K Cycle
Tue (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/5K Fartlek
Wed (AM/PM) 30K Cycle/10K Steady
Thurs (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/2x1.6K Speed
Fri (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/60K Cycle
Sat (AM/PM) 8K Steady/30K Cycle

Further down the road, the group is planning on doing a dry run on the actual course in place of the LSD run in about two weeks. I've been doing the LSD runs individually in order to train myself to do the half marathon continuously (rather than with the Running Room's run/walk routine), so I'll have to figure out what will be the best way to handle that. I'll likely end up starting out with them and then breaking off at the 10 minute mark, although running with the group would be beneficial given the traffic down in the city.

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