Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 34: Review

Thanks to the weather we've been having lately, I've been able to keep the cycling up on a daily basis this week. As such, this has taken a chunk out of my walking mileage, however the cycling sessions appear to be a better overall workout so the end result is likely positive. It's taking a bit of effort to train my body to get used to the new activity, but things have progressed significantly since the beginning of the week.

Other than that, the running has gone well this week. I skipped Sunday's LSD run given the 15K race the day before, but performed all other planned runs throughout the week. The heat today did make the run this morning a little more difficult (should have gone out a bit earlier), however it wasn't enough to impede performance in any measurable way.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 40km
Walking: 75km
Cycling: 136km
Total: 251km

As for next week, the weather reports are looking good so if things pan out then it should bode well for my workouts. There is a little over five weeks to go before my half marathon, so the work that I do in the next little while will be critical to my performance. Thanks to the results of my race last week, I have a much better idea of pacing that I'll be likely to hit which further helps to refine my training.

Upcoming Week:
Sun (AM/PM) 16K LSD/11.5K Walk
Mon (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/50K Cycle
Tue (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/4K Fartlek
Wed (AM/PM) 30K Cycle/7K Steady
Thurs (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/6x400m Hills
Fri (AM/PM) 11.5K Walk/50K Cycle
Sat (AM/PM) 8K Steady/30K Cycle

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