Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up...

I've gotten way behind on weekly reports, so I'm going to quickly put up the mileage over the last few weeks to catch back up. Overall things have gone relatively well, although I had a short interruption back in Week 13 when my back seized up on me. Fortunately, it didn't bother me much on the bike so I was able to keep that mileage up, but the running and swimming did end up suffering. Either way, I'm back into my normal routine now and hopefully I'll be able to get the bike outside again so that I can start getting the mileage back up.

Week 11 Totals:
Running: 43.7km (27.1mi)
Walking: 2.6km (1.6mi)
Cycling: 125.1km (77.7mi)
Swimming: 8.8km (5.4mi)
Total: 180.2km (112.0mi)

Week 12 Totals:
Running: 38.6km (24.0mi)
Walking: 1.5km (0.9mi)
Cycling: 100.0km (62.1mi)
Swimming: 8.8km (5.4mi)
Total: 148.9km (92.5mi)

Week 13 Totals (Back Injury):
Running: 9.7km (6.0mi)
Walking: 4.8km (3.0mi)
Cycling: 76.9km (47.8mi)
Swimming: 0.0km (0.0mi)
Total: 91.4km (56.8mi)

Week 14 Totals:
Running: 36.8km (22.9mi)
Walking: 1.1km (0.7mi)
Cycling: 60.0km (37.3mi)
Swimming: 7.8km (4.8mi)
Total: 91.4km (56.8mi)

Week 15 Totals:
Running: 42.7km (26.6mi)
Walking: 1.8km (1.1mi)
Cycling: 130.1km (80.8mi)
Swimming: 8.8km (5.4mi)
Strength: 45mins
Total: 183.4km (114.0mi)

Week 16 Totals:
Running: 43.4km (27.0mi)
Walking: 2.4km (1.5mi)
Cycling: 70.7km (43.9mi)
Swimming: 8.8km (5.4mi)
Total: 125.3km (77.9mi)

Week 17 Totals:
Running: 43.6km (27.1mi)
Walking: 2.1km (1.3mi)
Cycling: 70.3km (43.7mi)
Swimming: 8.8km (5.4mi)
Total: 124.8km (77.5mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 674.6km (419.2mi)
Walking: 28.4km (17.6mi)
Cycling: 1783.7km (1108.3mi)
Swimming: 121.9km (75.7mi)
Total: 2608.6km (1620.9mi)

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