Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 18: Review

It was another somewhat unpredictable week this time around, thanks to a combination of the weather and outside circumstances. Naturally, I missed my Monday ride as I pushed back last week's long run to that day and figured trying to squeeze both in would be problematic. The next couple days went as planned, although the winds on Wednesday made my mid-week ride quite a lot more difficult than I would have liked (it's supposed to be a recovery ride, but with 30+km/h winds and heavy gusts that's not going to happen).

Later in the week, the rain started rolling in and I wanted to get the grass cut before it came down. Unfortunately, the machine stalled on me part way through and we couldn't get it started. As the mower is getting quite old (~30 years), we elected to go out and research replacing it. That took a little longer than expected, which meant that I had to put off the 6 miler I had planned for the afternoon. When we got back, after a bit of fiddling we got the old machine running again (the gap in the spark plug was closed up) but it was too late to do anything with it.

On Friday I set out to finish off the job, however after about 20 minutes it stalled out again. Pulling out the spark plug the gap was closed again, and pulling it back out got it started for a few minutes until it did it again. As it was obvious something in the engine was running into it, the repair was going to be a little more complicated. Fortunately, our neighbour was out at the same time and offered to let us borrow his to get the job done. After that, we headed back out to pick up a new one (as it was unlikely to be worth fixing the old machine) which again meant missing the pushed back run. Unfortunately the mowers they're selling now aren't nearly as well designed/built as that old one (steel vs. aluminum decks (prone to rust and much heavier), plastic wheels, overcomplicated 4 stroke motors, unnecessary (and highly annoying) safety levers, etc.) but there isn't much choice on that front anymore :(

Saturday was pretty much a write off thanks to the weather and other scheduling issues, and with Mother's Day on Sunday I wasn't able to get out until the afternoon. Working in enough time between eating lunch and the long run would have been difficult, so I elected to do a brick ride/run instead and do the long run this morning. Fortunately, all of that worked out so I only lost one 6 mile run and a ~30K ride for the week ;)

Week 18 Totals:
Running: 44.2km (27.5mi)
Walking: 1.4km (0.9mi)
Cycling: 116.7km (72.5mi)
Swimming: 7.0km (4.3mi)
Total: 169.3km (105.2mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 699.3km (434.5mi)
Walking: 41.3km (25.7mi)
Cycling: 1121.7km (697.0mi)
Swimming: 110.3km (68.5mi)
Total: 1972.6km (1225.7mi)

Fortunately, the weather this week is starting to look a bit better and hopefully (knock on wood) Saturday will be rain free so I can get out there for a proper long ride. I'll have to talk to the guys and see if we can get a group ride going, as it would be great to get back into the full routine ;)

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