Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weeks 9 & 10: Review

It's been an extremely busy couple of weeks, and I never got around to writing up last week's review so I'm just combining the two ;)

The weather recently has been spectacular, with temperatures well above zero and minimal precipitation I've pretty much been using the summer running gear exclusively. After being bundled up in long pants and jackets for the winter, it's quite nice to be back in comfortable clothes once again. Naturally, the winter has been pretty tame so far this year so this is just icing on the cake ;)

I've been tempted to get the tire switched around on the bike so I can take it out, but I'm not sure that I want to tempt the fates with that just yet. We're not really into the clear until May comes around, so there is plenty of time for nasty weather to make a comeback ;) Either way, that doesn't make riding inside any more fun when it's so nice out there (especially with a shiny new computer and aerobars that I'd love to play with off of the trainer).

What I ultimately need to do is either (a) learn how to switch my tires around myself or (b) get another wheel/cassette so that I can switch back and forth between indoor and outdoor riding at will. While I know how to do the former in theory, I've never actually gone through the process myself so I'm a bit concerned about messing up my tire/wheel if I don't get the nuances right. I've still got unlimited free service at my bike shop for another year and a half, so it's difficult to justify the risk ;) Ideally, I'd like to find a clinic somewhere so that I can get some practical experience without risking my equipment, but they never seem to line up with my schedule.

Either way, for the time being I'll still be riding inside and just do whatever I can to take full advantage of the weather when out for my runs!

Week 9 Totals:
Running: 48.4km (30.1mi)
Walking: 1.7km (1.1mi)
Cycling: 40.1km (24.9mi)
Swimming: 7.0km (4.3mi)
Total: 97.2km (60.4mi)

Week 10 Totals:
Running: 45.3km (28.1mi)
Walking: 1.5km (0.9mi)
Cycling: 90.0km (55.9mi)
Swimming: 7.0km (4.3mi)
Total: 143.8km (89.4mi)

Year to Date:
Running: 357.2km (222.0mi)
Walking: 28.1km (17.5mi)
Cycling: 365.2km (226.9mi)
Swimming: 55.1km (34.2mi)
Total: 805.6km (500.6mi)

This week is march break for the kids in the area, so there are kids playing pretty much everwhere. The pools, as expected, are chaos as many more people are out and the lanes are going to see a lot more traffic. Compounding that, in my session earlier today they were running lifeguard training in half of the pool so all of those extra people were crammed into three lanes. It's likely to be like that for the rest of the week, so I'm roughly considering heading down to UofT's 50m pool on Thursday to get away from the hordes.

Regardless, the weather is supposed to remain immaculate until the weekend so I'll be doing everything I can to take advantage. While they're calling for rain on Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures are supposed to remain high so that likely won't be a huge problem either. Once you're wet you're wet, and as long as the shoes don't get saturated a nice light rain can actually be pretty pleasant when the temperatures are at this level!


  1. changing the tire is super easy!! Takes me a few minutes only now -- I can show ya if you want!!! You should definitely be out there on the roads!

  2. Might have to take you up on that offer at some point ;) Either way, if this weather keeps up for much longer then I'll definitely be switching it over one way or the other!